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School of Foreign Studies Of WTU
School of Foreign Studies Of WTU
2011-06-09 10:15   审核人:
      School  of Foreign Studies  of WTU is the only institution of foreign language teaching, research and training in the eastern part of Shaanxi Province, China. After nearly three decades of development, the School has made considerable achievements in the construction of disciplines, the improvement of teachers and the cultivation of talents. It currently consists of Department of English, Department of Oriental Languages, Department of College English, Research Institute of Foreign Languages and Culture, Research Institute of Japanese Language and Culture and PAICHAI Education Center of Korean Language. The school includes three majors of English, Japanese and Korean with the purpose of cultivating inter-disciplinary talents who not only have solid base of foreign languages skills and broad cultural knowledge but also have competence in teaching, translation, management, etc.
     With four-year period of study for undergraduates, the English Department offers the English education program, the English translation program and the teaching program. All the three programs have as the core courses intensive English reading, extensive English reading, oral English, English listening comprehension, writing, grammar, phonetics, and other special topics; the Japanese Department offers the Japanese education program, the translation and society and culture studies. It offers the core courses intensive Japanese reading, extensive Japanese reading, oral Japanese, Japanese listening comprehension, writing, grammar, Japanese literature and other special topics; the Korean Department provides the Korean education program, the translation and society and culture studies. It offers the core courses intensive Korean reading, extensive Korean reading, oral Korean, Korean listening comprehension, writing, grammar, linguistics and other special topics. All these Departments insist on training students with multi-disciplinary knowledge, innovative spirit and practical ability. It attaches great importance to the cultivation and improvement of the students’ comprehensive quality. The number of teaching and administrative staff is 105, including 22 professors and associate professors and 8 foreign teachers, among whom 62 have master’s degree and 15 have been to UK, US or Japan  for advanced study.
     English Language and literature is the key discipline of the university and the English major is the key construction discipline of provincial specialty verified by the Education Department of Shaanxi Province. There are four sub-branch studies including British and American literature and cross-cultural communication, English teaching, translation theory and practice and Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics. There are 17 language laboratories, 8 bases for teaching, academic research and internship and a reference library with a collection of more than 6,800 volumes including more than 40 periodicals in foreign languages.
In recent years, the staff has published over 500 academic papers, 80 of which were in key periodicals. Besides, the staff has either edited or participated in the publication of 8 textbooks and 5 academic works. Additionally, it has won 2 provincial awards for excellent teaching achievements and 10 university awards for research and teaching achievements, and undertaken one provincial project for teaching innovation and 15 projects for academic research, 4 of which are at the provincial level. The School has been honored with titles including The School Of The Year in the education system by Shaanxi Province  and Excellent Teaching Department by the University, and the Teaching and Research Office of Applied Language has been granted the title of Pacesetters in the ACWF-initiated Project by the Education Union of Shaanxi Province.  School of Foreign Studies  has fostered numerous excellent talents. 11 students won the first prizes in the National College English Contest; 3 won the second and the third prizes in Chung Hwa Cup National Japanese Contest; 9 won the first prizes in the National Teaching Skills Contest for English Majors of Normal Universities; and 8 won the first and second prizes in CCTV Cup National English Speech Contest. More than 200 students were admitted to master’s or doctor’s schools and the comprehensive qualities of the graduates have obtained wide recognition and praise from various circles of the society.

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